House GOP Leader Calling Supporters, Scared of Opponent

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January 5, 2015 by JImbo

No, not Nancy Pelosi… the Tea Party(Conservative) opponent Louie Gohmert.

Gohmert Rounding Up 29 Votes to Oust Boehner as Speaker of the House




(Yes he’s crying. He cries quite a bit.)

To be honest it’s an outside shot. Boehner has lots of favors to call in and strings to pull on the Hill. He is the favorite still to win.

However… what if?

What if it’s even CLOSE? Say within a vote or two?

Boehner isn’t taking any chances. He’s outright lying to people, trying to scare them into voting for him.


It’s simple. The Republicans have a huge majority.

A new Speaker of the House needs to win a majority of the votes (51%) to get elected.

That’s 218 votes.

If they get 49%, it goes back to a revote.

Boehner keeps saying that “The Democrats will win if you don’t vote for me!”

That’s blatantly not true.


Republicans will have 58 more seats than the Democrats.


That means that for the Democrats to win the Speakership, 30 of those Republicans would have to vote Democrat.

Why would they ever do that?

If they’re voting for REPUBLICAN Louie Gohmert, they are STILL NOT VOTING DEMOCRAT.

There’s no way the Democrats can win without Republicans voting Democrat.

If Gohmert gets 29 of those 58 votes, that will leave:

Boehner (R) 217 votes

Gohmert (R) 29 votes

Nancy Pelosi (D) 188 votes

Pelosi doesn’t WIN.

In fact NO ONE “wins.”

However, it pisses off Boehner and if the Conservatives can keep voting Gohmert instead of Boehner they can keep blocking him from getting in.

The hope is that eventually everyone gets frustrated and puts someone ELSE up there besides Boehner.

In effect, “firing” him from the position by blocking him from getting that one more vote to win 51% (218 votes.)

Even if Boehner does end up winning, what then?

Those same people who vote to remove him and for Gohmert are gonna be guaranteed to be voting AGAINST whatever Boehner wants to do to work with the Democrats in the House.

There is already a good sized voting block in the House of Conservatives/Tea Party supporters that regularly vote against him. Given a figurehead and a rallying point (like Gohmert), they just might solidify into solid opposition to Boehner much like Senator Ted Cruz is in the US Senate.

Which incidentally is ALSO going to be led by the GOP, and in particular a big influx of Conservatives.

Expect more infighting between the old-school Republican “grey hairs” and the incoming Conservatives. There is a bigger divide between the Conservatives and RINOs in the GOP than there ever is between the elitist leadership of either party.

By the looks of it, this isn’t “in the bag” yet for Boehner. Seems he’s pissed off almost 30 people recently by siding with the Democrats repeatedly on everything from Immigration to Obamacare to Debt Spending.

He just might have a run for his money.


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