Greek Oil Tanker Bombed by Libyan Warplanes


January 5, 2015 by JImbo

Greek Oil Tanker Bombed by Libyan Warplanes

“Not unlike the first Civil War in 2011” says Insurance Adjuster Neil Roberts

Nope, nothing to see here. Libya is totally not in a Civil War still.

Nor Syria.

Or Ukraine.

Or Egypt come to think of it.

Neither is Iraq.

Or Afghanistan.

Nope, everywhere that Obama has gone is perfectly peaceful.

He has a Nobel Peace Prize remember. Although later his staff cried about it.

Talk about a sore winner.

(Note: Couldn’t find out the aircraft in question or find a picture of the Greek tanker. The pictures are a Libyan light strike aircraft and a Malaysian tanker that caught fire awhile ago for reference.)



2 thoughts on “Greek Oil Tanker Bombed by Libyan Warplanes

  1. Pat Russell says:

    The Peace Prize committee is a sham!


    • JImbo says:

      It is. But at least you’d think the Obama administration wouldn’t complain about getting an award! If they were truly mad he’d give it back right? Didn’t see that happen.


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