Free Love


January 5, 2015 by JImbo

Seems like everyone in the media is pushing for a return to the 1960s. Once again the crowds are in the streets protesting “the man” and “police pigs.” The dirty hippies are out protesting the “suits” on wall street. The drumbeat for new social programs and even bigger government.

I always find the last especually odd as it is inexplicably the same government in scandal after scandal and accused of war crimes and imperialist warmongering while oppressing the rights of citizens. So which is it hippie civil rights people? Is a huge government going to save the day or throw you in jail? The SAME people are going to protect your rights and take them away?

And they wonder why the public is confused about their message.

I’ve always suspected the Left was just using government to fill the void in their lives with a lack of faith in religion, family or any other social institution. When you disparage everything traditional, how do you fill that need to belong to something? To believe in something greater than yourself?

Government becomes your religion. Or global warming or hating cops.

The Progressive Cult has its own saints (Margaret Sanger, Marx, FDR, etc) It has symbols, rituals, liturgies, and dogma that cannot be denied. Just try to suggest that global warming is unproven or that the keystone pipeline can be possibly a good thing.

They even have miracles that defy logic. How else do you expkain how a dollar of food stamps becomes $1.73 in “stimulus?” Surely that is as wonderful as Jesus and the loaves of bread!

Where do I invest in those? I can’t get a 73% return on the stock market!

Lots of sins in that church. Fracking. Home schooling. Capitalism.

And of course other religions because that would be competition.

So while we are recreating the Church of Love from the 1960s, why not Free Love? Surely money can’t buy you everything. In the end urs about love, right?

So does the government provide that too? Every other thing is subsidized, regulated and taxed. Why not love?

After all, what goodis free food, free housing, free health care, free cell phone, free heat, free electricity, free day care and free  pets if you don’t have free love?

How fair us it that rich guys get the hot chicks and nice cars? Why should pretty people get all the dates and better jobs? Why should tall people make more than short people? Why should smart people get ahead in life?

If we want to do this total equality thing then we gotta regulate the tell outta this love stuff right? Rank everybody on a a thousand different parameters of personality, physical looks, intelligence, race, historical socuoeconomic privilege, political affiliationaffiliation, cuteness of babies,  and usefulness to society.

Then we match them into suitablepairs aand make them live each other. That’s how it works best right? If government makes all your choices for you because they know best.

After a few generations everyone will be suitably equal that no onewill have more happiness or talent than anyone else and well all be equally happy. Won’t that be paradise?

Redistribution of Wealth won’t work without Redistribution of Love. Maybe you can get the Republicans on board with a simpler “Hit Tax” or “Tax Breaks for the Ugly” to begin with. Lord knows they got their share of train wrecks who need it too.

Margaret Sanger and Woodrow Wilson would be proud.


One thought on “Free Love

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Worship at the feat of government and this is what you might get. “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.” Gerald Ford.

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