Somalia- The Other Other Other War


January 2, 2015 by JImbo

US Strike in Somalia Kills Terrorist Leader

How many wars is it that our “Nobel Peace Prize Winning” leader has started or failed to end?

Iraq and Afghanistan I guess we’ll give to Bush. And Yemen since that’s been going on for ages. Obama said he would stop them, but well ya know… he tried. That’s all that counts isn’t it? That someone tries?

I mean if I APPLY to law school I should just get the law degree.

After all I TRIED right?

And medical school while we’re at it.

I deserve at least an honorable mention from the Nobel Prize committee for curing cancer. I totally THOUGHT about curing cancer. That’s close enough.

Anyway, Libya you have to give to Obama. In fact under Bush ol’ Muamar Qaddafi had destroyed his chemical weapons and was HELPING us hunt down terrorists. He wasn’t invited to picnics and beer at the White House or anything, but he was definitely not a threat.

So… Obama had to blow him up to make the Muslim Brotherhood happy. Yeah, ya know the guys who ALSO are trying to topple Bashir Assad in Syria… which Obama had to jump into. No, you can’t say it’s Iraq pulling him in. In fact we’ve hardly TOUCHED Iraq in the airstrikes. Most of them are going into Syria.

You could ALMOST say that we let ISIS get into Iraq to give us an excuse to get into Syria… which the President failed to convince the Congress to let him do back in 2011.

If you were all into conspiracy theories and…evidence and all that. It’s not like we have ship manifests showing arms stolen from Libyan armories and then given to Syrian rebels (Muslim Brotherhood)… through the Benghazi embassy.

Well okay those DO exist but it’s not like our enemies would act to attack a staging point for arms transfers to stop weapons getting to our “allies” in the Muslim Brotherhood.

What? Our enemies trying to stop weapons from getting to THEIR enemies? Yeah, as if that is a good reason for them to attack us! I’m sure it was just some internet video that no one saw until after the fact.

Yup, that must be it.

So where was I? Oh yeah… so Libya in turn was a springboard for Syria. That’s two.

Then we went BACK to Somalia because the President said we should be “more proactive in Africa.” The French heard that and said “Well our former colony in Mali needs help, so while you’re in Africa…. wink wink nudge nudge”… so now we’re there. Besides… it’s near Libya anyway… what’s a few hundred more miles out of the way.

Then of course since we were there, the African Union said “Well since you’re helping there… why not help us with these Boko Haram guys over here?”

So we did.

And did I mention the huge operation to find Joseph Kony in Uganda for “War crimes?”

No, not our job either but…well…. since we’re there…. why not?

What’s a few drones and special forces among friends really?

What are we up to now?

Six new countries Obama has started blowing people up in?

I sure am glad we finally got a president in there that is all about bringing those troops home!



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