January War on ISIS Update


January 1, 2015 by JImbo

(From the VFW Magazine)

In summary:

100 of our combat aircraft have done 500 strikes in 10 weeks of “heavy bombing.”


Can’t really say how “heavy” the bombing is without knowing what they mean by “strike.” Are they talking a single plane? Or is ten planes hitting the same target one strike?

“Strike” isn’t really a technical term.

A “sortie” is (one plane flying once)

and a “mission” is (a set number of planes involved in a specific mission)

Also do cruise missiles count too?

Or drones?

It’s kinda foggy here, as you’d expect a mission dominated by politics to be.

And what are we striking?

Ah, another very good question.

I have seen numbers (can’t find them at the moment) that say some “strikes” involve multiple guided munitions. One report said I think 18 JDAMs (guided bombs) were involved in one “strike.”

Those are about $50,000 a pop conservatively.

Then there is the cost of flying the planes to the target and back.

Was whatever they hit worth a MILLION dollars to destroy?

I sure hope so.

Do you know how many BULLETS that would buy us?

That ONE strike would pay for my whole Guard platoon for a year.

Yet we’re still cutting troops.

We’re “way over budget” but we can keep lobbing bombs at ISIS.

What about a deal like the First Gulf War? Where the Arabs and our Allies pledged enough money so we broke even? We ARE putting up lives and treasure of our own after all. It’s not like ISIS is really OUR problem.

Depending on how you look at it, they are a regional problem… or a global problem. Not an “American” problem. It’s up to Iraq, Iran, etc to solve it. Or, it’s up to the United Nations.

I say we take the cost out of our yearly UN payments. Hey, if the landlord refuses to fix your sink you take it out of the rent right? You have a responsibility to pay rent. He has a responsibility to keep things in repair.

It’s on the contract.

Well, let’s make this stuff official.

While we’re at it, why not go full mercenary?

Ask for the standard “cost plus 20%” that our government contractors get.

Whatever it costs plus 20% profit for our time.

Sounds fair to me.

In fact, the rest of you can just disarm now. We got this. We’ll be the world police.

You can just keep paying us money not to let terrorists attack you.

Nothing can go wrong with that plan.






One thought on “January War on ISIS Update

  1. Pat Russell says:

    not really impressive, considering they want to kill everybody.


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