Captain America : Traitor or Patriot?


January 1, 2015 by JImbo

These guys are still my heroes.

Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Bucky Barnes, his sidekick. (The other guy is Submariner, a wartime buddy obviously. Note this is how real soldiers talk. They don’t do the therapy session crap that passes for “comprehensive soldier emotional fitness” that passes for “training” these days.)


The debates the other day on Facebook with some friends made me think of this scene from a comic book. It’s a couple years old but still holds true enough. Given how Captain America and Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) are portrayed in the latest Captain America movie this summer, there is no doubt that Cap is anything but a typical unthinking soldier.

The setting for this was in the fictional comic world where there was a 9-11 type event involving super heroes. Bad things went down and most a small town pretty much was destroyed. Thousands died.

So, in THIS world they instituted a “Mutant/Super Hero Registration Act.” It struck all the right chords with readers. Some saw it as a symbol of gun registration, or racism, or xenophobia (immigrants like Superman.) In fact, in the “Civil War” story arc these and more issues came to light and were explored, such as infiltration of “Tea Party” rallies, and hunting down those with super powers. They had to be registered, imprisoned, or “neutralized.”

(This is why I can’t watch the Agent s of S.H.I.E.L.D TV show anymore. I can’t stomach it. S.H.I.E.L.D is the agency enforcing this tyranny. Make them seem as cool and “good” as you want. S.H.I.E.L.D and their heavy-handed oppression is what the NSA…and the Nazis… aspired to be. Much like “Homeland” or “24” it just seems like more propaganda to justify spying as “okay as long as the good people do it.”)

It’s for the good of the people you understand.

It’s ALWAYS “for the public good” or “for the children.”

A fictional setting yes, but eerily close to where we have been going since 9-11.

We could be just one more big terrorist attack from something similar.

Lord knows we’ve done it before.

Just ask the Germans or Japanese or American Indians.

Anyway, who says comics can’t be educational or generate some debate?


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