Film Rant: What’s Truly Unique About #Blackstormtrooper

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December 26, 2014 by JImbo

Wow, the discussion over a trailer for a movie that doesn’t come out until next year is insanely partisan. I don’t really get the claims if racism though. If the guy is a “clone trooper” of Boba Fett he should resemble Bona Fett (as all the other clones in the series Dom) If he isn’t a clone… Then he is just some guy in armor. No one us saying regular soldiers in the Empire can’t be black. The “RACIST” screamers are setting up another false straw man argument.
Why is EVERYTHING about rave now…especially when it isn’t?

Friendly Neighborhood Filmmaking

This week JJ Abrams released the teaser trailer for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens and just like every other fanboy I watched the video over and over, often pausing to pick out even the most minute details. My dissection of the trailer was handled with the same level of precision as a group of Spaceballs with an giant fine-tooth comb. I mean this is JJ Abrams we’re talking about here. The guy who made Lost. Do you know how many Easter Eggs he snuck into that series?

Of course I wasn’t the only person with their eye on the trailer and it didn’t take long before people shared their discoveries and doubts to social media. It took no less than ten frames before some members of the Star Wars fan base had a collective head burst. The scene I’m talking about is the one that opens the trailer…

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