Two New Blogs to Check Out

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December 25, 2014 by JImbo

I’ve found a couple new blogs worthy of a look.

You might agree or not, and you may or may not get the humor in them, but I like them. They seem well researched and intelligently written, unlike most of the drek out there.

The Graber Blog

Written by a Republican college student working on a PhD.

Kinda reads like it.

Very well researched and footnoted.

It reads about as witty and amusing as this description, but the guy does do his homework and backs up his positions with facts.

His latest stuff on “Right to Work” states I think I may mention in a follow up post because I’d like to get my readers’ views on it.

Good luck, John!


Blame the First!

Written by a self-avowed Libertarian Christian Brony.

(Brony is an adult into “My Little Ponies” and the “First” mentioned is the First Amendment. I am seriously wondering if I know this person because two people I know have come out as “Bronies” that I know of.)

Anyway, the site is a bit more amusing and pop culture. It is definitely attention getting design wise. I dig it. There’s some good media links in there and it’s a unique perspective if nothing else. The PSA encouraging kids to steal guns from parents to give them to teachers was particularly eye opening.

I’ll discuss that in a bit too. Thanks, Bro…ny…

Is that something you use the secret handshake with? Or can only Bronys call other Bronys by that term? Is it like the N-word for dudes into pony figurines?

Anyway, welcome to the Interwebs and have fun with it. I’ll be stopping back to see what’s new in Bronytown.







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