The Blue and the Red


December 25, 2014 by JImbo

John Graber at “The Graber Blog” brought up a well researched point on “Right to Work” states here. You should really check it out for the full information and footnotes.

Essentially, he gathers information from a variety of sources to prove that Right to Work laws IMPROVE standards of living and the economies in states that adopt them.

Currently about half (24 out of 50) of our states have them on the books. Those that do perform significantly better economically. As in double-digits better than the Pro-Union states.

Note the terminology he uses here. I find that more accurate than the Unions claiming “Fair Work” vs “Anti-Union” terminology. The Unions in RTW states are not prevented from unionizing. They simply don’t have extra powers that non-unionized workers don’t have (like intimidating co-workers and having a monopoly on their workplace on new hires.)

It’s odd when “only having the same rights as everyone else” means we are called “Anti-Union.” And how hypocritical that Unions who demand monopoly rights at a company can then deride that same company for seeking monopoly rights in the marketplace.

Good for us but not for them, eh?

My bigger point here however, is that this isn’t just a “he said/she said” of what is better on paper. They’re actual results. The most telling is that people don’t live IN THEORY.

Those that keep claiming that high-regulation, high-tax, generous welfare, Pro-Union states are wonderful only do so on paper. On the ground, where people have to work the opposite is the case. If New York, California and Illinois (Chicago) are such WONDERFUL places to live…then why do people keep leaving?

Texas, North Carolina and Florida are called TERRIBLE for having low taxes, less regulation, less welfare benefits and anti-union laws. Yet people keep moving there.

To cite another study I was reading recently:

The Great California Exodus

Seems pretty clear that folks don’t agree with the “common knowledge” that we’re repeatedly told in the media. Those aren’t small numbers. It’s now over 4 million NET loss of citizens for California and 3 million NET loss of citizens in New York.

In fact, Florida just broke even with New York this year. None of this is a coincidence, or the result of merely nice weather.

Sure, you’ll hear stories of population growth in Calfornia and New York City still.

From immigrants.

Who move out eventually.

With their money.

The trend seems to be more and more folks moving to where welfare benefits are nice, while taxpayers are moving out. Meanwhile, the taxpayers are going to places where taxes are lower in large part to less generous welfare benefits.

At a certain point that’s just simply unsustainable. The ONLY thing keeping NY,CA,IL, etc afloat are their foreign trade and immigrants who pass through… plus lots of Federal aid.

The response by politicians in those states has been to double down with even higher taxes and more regulations. For example the Ban on Fracking in New York.

What happens when the successful states keep running surpluses and the other states go bankrupt? You know the Federal government will try to demand that the Southern states give the Northern states “their fair share” or “State Welfare.”

You know how that’s going to go over in those states who are running surpluses.

Like a brick.

Upside the head.

How much clout will a Federal government then have when it fails to address issue after issue (Immigration chief among them) that the Southern states have, then demand that they subsidize their wasteful, lazy Northern brothers and sisters?

I sure hope we’re not seeing a new Civil War shaping up.


2 thoughts on “The Blue and the Red

  1. Pat Russell says:

    My girlfriend goes to a Union plant to see higher ups about business. Union rep. “Where are your steel toed shoes/”. I don’t work here. “Sorry, we have to write you up”, I don’t work here! “doesn’t matter Union rules”. Writes her up, harm none, SHE DOESN’T WORK THERE!!
    Union Rules.

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