United States Sending M-1 Tanks to ISIS

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December 22, 2014 by JImbo

America Planning to Send (more) M-1 Tanks to Iraq

Alright so technically we CLAIM we’re sending them to the “Iraqi Security Forces”…which have basically ceased to exist in any practical way. The only ones making any progress are the religious militias and other “unofficial Iraqi forces.” (Kurdish Pashmerga mostly and Iranian “volunteers.”) The Iraqi Army has done squat lately except drive into ditches and run away a lot.

You’d almost think the French had trained them.

After ISIS captured the first couple batches of tanks… our brilliant idea is to send them MORE tanks… to be captured. They obviously aren’t using them to FIGHT with. By all accounts the Iraqis just ran off and left them there. It wasn’t exactly a challenge for ISIS to walk over and claim them.

M-1 Tanks

F-16 fighter jets

Machine guns

Anti-tank missiles

Anti-aircraft missiles

Anything else on the ISIS wish list?

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