Work Christmas Party 12-17-14

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December 17, 2014 by JImbo


I still can’t tell if that’s a carrot or just a really happy smiley face on that snowman.

Either way.

I’ve been to worse “mandatory fun days.”

At least this one didn’t involve babysitting drunks.

The food was pretty decent.

Interesting gifts.

I’d like to say it’s the fist time I’ve gotten toilet paper as a present.

Maybe they’re all trying to tell me something…

I found a really cool card to give to a coworker though.

Creepy, right?

Who knew Santa worked for the NSA?

Still not exactly sure what is up with that turkey though.

Is it really smelly?

Or maybe those are smoke stacks?

Tape worms?

Thanks for the great party all.


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