US Military Researching Flying Aircraft Carriers?


December 10, 2014 by JImbo

US Military Looking Into Flying Aircraft Carriers

Well…that’s the CLAIM anyway.

Must be another slow news day.
We have been flying “drone carriers” since World War II.

No, they’re not the S.H.I.E.L.D carriers from the comic books.

They’re not like the 90,000 ton aircraft carriers the Navy uses (which the comic book ones are based on)

Man… since the latest carriers are about $14 billion now…I’d hate to see how much a FLYING one would cost to build. Not to mention keep it in the air! A jet engine uses its weight in fuel every hour. Even some super advanced anti-gravity device powered by “handwavium” or “unobtainium” would have to use some sort of energy.

Maybe they could just use a really LONG extension cord?

Anyway, the point is that the heading is misleading. What they actually mean is something like this:

They’re just a plane carrying a drone… essentially a missile. We have LOTS of planes that can carry missiles.

This technology isn’t new. The design of the DC-130 above was used in Vietnam 50 years ago the EXACT same way.

Before that, there was an ACTUAL “aircraft carrier” as in… launching jet airplanes with pilots in them… in the 1950s.

And before that in World War II there were attack drones used by our bombers.

Heck, before THAT there were even “flying aircraft carriers” back in the 1920s!

So, this “new technology” has only been around for 100 years. And we’ve only been using it all along. So… yay… hoorah.

Why don’t we hear more about REAL technological advances?

The book I’m reading at the moment is just one good example and it’s 5 years old.

Even then there were HUGE advances being made in tons of fields that were considered “science fiction” just a few years ago.

I know it’s an oft-worn trope that “we have cell phones and wrist watch radios now.” Well, we DO! It’s still true. There are some amazing things like half-held scanners and computer processors that BLOW AWAY what they had on “Star Trek.”

The Navy is actually deploying lasers on its ships in test programs.

We have autonomous drones that can seek out targets.

We have 3-d holograms and the Internet.

In this book, Physicist Michio Kaku explains the Physics of “impossible” things… many of them things that we take for granted now like nuclear energy or airplanes. Then they became possible.

So, he breaks down the “impossible” into three categories.

The “Impossible Now” – Force Fields, Invisibility, Flying Cars, etc.

We can do these things soon. We know they can work. They just aren’t practical yet, too expensive, don’t have a market yet or need tweaking.

An example I like to use (not in the book) is flying cars. We COULD have flying cars already. However, do you REALLY want to pay 5-10 times as much money? It takes energy to go into the air. Most of the time the car is sitting on the ground…for free. It takes fuel to go into the air, hover, etc.

And then there’s starting/stopping. It’s relatively easy to make a car move with tires on the road. Once it’s hovering, you lose all friction. So now you have to have a propeller or a jet engine or something.

And without brakes on the road, how does it stop? Another engine on the front? Or spinning it around? So many questions and SO wasteful.

Besides, do you REALLY trust your drunk neighbor to fly straight? People have a hard time staying on the road as it is, and you want them to have access to essentially airplanes?

Who regulates them? The FAA? DMV? Are they airplanes or cars?

Those are the “Impossible Now” technologies.

“The Impossible Tomorrow”- Time Travel, Anti-gravity, etc

We just don’t know how to make these work. We know in theory that they CAN work…on paper. We just don’t know how. We can imagine them working. They SHOULD work according to physics in some fashion. However, we are nowhere near making them practical. We just don’t know enough and have enough technology.

The Truly “Impossible”… As Far as We Know-

“Free Energy Machines” and the like just aren’t possible. You don’t get cars to run on just seawater. Yes, you can use electricity to break water down into hydrogen, then burn hydrogen to make water again. That DOES work. (In fact that’s how many rockets work.)

However, that still requires energy to make hydrogen out of water. It’s not “free” or “clean” really. Much like the “electric car” runs on coal. Where do hipsters think the electricity in a Prius comes from? Magic?

If you burn coal in a power plant to make electricity to put in the car…then it’s a coal-powered car in the end. Congratulations, Environmentalists. You have managed to make your Prius DIRTIER to drive than my gasoline powered pickup.


To believe otherwise, that there is “free energy” out there would mean the logical laws of the universe don’t apply. So, these things probably can’t happen. Not without destroying every text book on physics.


Look up “Invisibility” and see how close we’re coming to making that happen.

Check out “Fusion Energy” and see we could have a reactor online by the 2020s.

Do an Internet search for “Navy Laser” or “Railgun.”

This stuff is truly game-changing and is happening all around us!

And yet they still depend on lame false headlines to “make news?”




4 thoughts on “US Military Researching Flying Aircraft Carriers?

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Battle Star Galactica ring a bell?


  2. roninwolf109 says:

    Or you know what would be even worse than drunk drivers with flying cars? Drunk drivers with TARDISes. Imagine the damage a bunch of drunken college students could wreak on the timeline.


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