Lame Duck Congress Bites


December 10, 2014 by JImbo

Lawmakers Agree on 1.1 Trillion Dollar Spending Bill

Way to kick the can down the road folks.

Let’s again NOT fix anything and go deeper into debt.

Woo hoo!

The take-away here? They are passing a HUGE “omnibus” bill to fund government through September of 2015.

Is that legitimate?

Jury is out on that one.

You see, technically the outgoing congress (made up of lots of digruntled ex-politicians who lost elections last month) aren’t really allowed to bind the future Congress. In January the new guys could always come in and say “Wait wait wait. No, hold up… let’s redo this and vote again.”

But, they won’t.

Not because many of the new incomers aren’t against a LOT of the B.S. going on in Washington. They simply don’t have the power…yet.

Congress is an “old boys club” where the longer you’re there, the more power you get… regardless of merit. In fact, some would say… IN SPITE of merit.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will be the heads of the House and Senate respectively. They have both already proven to be essentially USELESS when it comes to fixing the system. They live and breathe Washington and corruption. They swim in it as surely as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (their predecessors) do. It’s their life blood now after so many years in that “Swamp on the Potomac.”

I predict a civil war.

Not the nation-wide kind.


Just a party-wide revolt.

In January the “Establishment” of elites is going to get a wake up call. They simply ASSUME that the new members will vote the old guys in based on tradition. “It’s our turn” and all that.

The “new blood” might not feel that way. After all, this will be the SECOND massive election (2010 and 2014) where the GOP won in a LANDSLIDE. The GOP now has seen the largest changeover of seats in the Congress in over 50 years. Maybe over 100.

That’s epic.

George Bush, Jr took the blame for failed policies and lost House, Senate and Presidency in his 8 years.

Looks like Obama is going to lose two…and MAYBE the Presidency at the end of his too.

The people don’t want EITHER party really. They just keep telling us they want “someone else” by voting whatever party is in power out for screwing up time and tie again.

The Republican leadership has done essentially nothing that the voters wanted. They would have already had the presidency in 2012 if 4 million Republicans hadn’t sat home out of protest at the “Establishment” choosing Romney as the candidate and effectively doing NOTHING they wanted.

2010 people voted to get rid of Obamacare… reform government… balance the budget….

None of that happened. So, the Democrats lost the House.

However, the Democrats still had the Senate and Presidency. So, they ran the show.

Again, this year they lost…and lost big. Now they don’t have the Senate.

They can no longer hide behind ONE man and his unconstitutional efforts to shield the Administration from reality. Harry Reid simply tossed any bill he didn’t like in the trash so it wasn’t voted on. Then he blamed the Republicans for “never giving me anything to vote on.”

Now we’ll see what happens when GOP-sponsored bills sail through both House and Senate and make it to the President. He won’t be able to say “I didn’t get anything from Congress.”

He’ll have to actually say “yes” or “no” or sit on his thumbs and pretend he went blind (again.) Yes, there is that one. He’s used that one before.
Obama: “It’s not on my desk.”
Aide: “Mr. President, it’s been on your desk for a month now.”

Obama: “Nope. Can’t see it. Must have been lost in the mail.”

Aide: “They resent copies over three times.”

Obama: “Damn Republicans writing in invisible ink again!”

Aide: “No, it’s regular ink.”

Obama: “My glasses! Who took my glasses!?!”

Aide: “Sir, you don’t wear glasses.”

Obama: “Oh no… I think… I think I’m having a stroke! My eyes! I’ve gone blind!”

Aide: *sigh*

(More or less that exchange did happen. The President claimed multiple times at press conferences he “never got” bills later proven to be sitting on his desk. I guess when you’re out golfing you’re not in the office to sign them…)





One thought on “Lame Duck Congress Bites

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Alas, methinks more of the same shall transpire.


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