A Little Thank You Note


December 9, 2014 by JImbo

…for 3,000 of my new friends!

Y’all have seen my mad drawing skills. As an artist I suck, so I hope you’ll just take a heartfelt written accolade to your community awesomeness.

Wow, I can’t believe there’s 3,000 of you out there who actually READ this stuff.

I know there aren’t many sharers as I’d thought, but after talking to quite a few “lurkers” privately, I get that there are those who just don’t want to speak out publicly.

That’s fine.

I hope you can “come out of the shadows” sometime when you feel at home.

And I REALLY need folks to keep this ego in check.


There are some pretty narrow doorways at work.

Anyway, thanks for the support and I thought I’d just tell you all that I appreciate you stopping by and visiting.

Hope to see y’all regularly.


One thought on “A Little Thank You Note

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Shucks, by golly, gee whizz! Says the humble scribe.


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