Corny Joke of the Day 12-7-14

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December 7, 2014 by JImbo

Mother and Son are in a restaurant.

Son says: Mom momom, I get why this guy is w a waiter now! He wants for you to pick something to eat!

The Mom laughs and nods. “Yes,thats right.”

The son thinks some more.

Mom mom mom, a farmer has a farm right? And a driver drives a truck.”

The Mom just nods. “Thats right dear.”

The kid  thinks some more.

“So that makes Dad a Sewer right?”

The Mom almost coughs coffee out her nose laughing. “They call your Daddy a Lawyer. I see your mistake. He sues people… so you called him a suer.”

The kid shakes his head. “No.”

Mom is surprised, then smiles. “Oh because he wears a suit to work!”

The Boy shakes his head. “Nope.”

Now she is puzzled. “Then what made you think that honey?”

The boy sighs in exasperation.

“Well YOU tell him all the time he’s full of poop!”











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