The Four Bs

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December 6, 2014 by JImbo

(Photo via rangertabpkz on deviant

Hooray for still having no money for the three Bs Beans, Bullets and Buttons. We have money for a holiday party. Just not anything “green” (military.)

“A Soldier cares for these things not” to paraphrase Yoda.

Of course its hard to actually fight a war like that. Thankfully we do so many awareness” classes that we don’t do much Army training anyway.

We are now fully aware every month of how not to rape people, how not to kill ourselves, and how to play nice with gays and foreigners. Also apparently we are very scary and a terrorist magnet so for everyone’s safety we need to not wear uniforms, not tell anyone we are in the military, and not say anything remotely military sounding.

Which is getting easier and easier since the Army is acting less and less military every month.

It reminds me of those pictures from before World War 2 when we were caughtunprepared, unequipped and undertrained.

Or trying to trick the enemy with inflatable tank balloons.

We are getting good at however.

Got that down to an art form.



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