Private Thoughts on a Public Nuisance


December 3, 2014 by JImbo

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If the “Teachers’ Union” is for the kids…. then why aren’t the kids or parents represented in it? Are you really going to tell me that given a choice between the good of the kids and the good of the dues paying members… they are going to give up their own pay and benefits “for the good of the children?”

C’mon now.

That’s just silly.

The problem with private sector unions is that there isn’t really anyone on the “other side.”

With a union at a private factory, the factory owner or share holders are working against them. It balances out… workers vs owners. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

In the public sector, EVERYONE there is on the payroll. The teachers are government employees on the payroll. So are the supervisors. So are the politicians when it comes down to it.

Taxpayers are never invited to negotiations, although WE are the ones paying ALL of their salaries.

Parents are never invited.

Children are never invited.

So…. how is this “balanced” exactly?

People with no skin in the game talk to other people with nothing to lose and they together agree to give everyone raises? That pretty much sum it up?

THAT is why I’m all for PRIVATE sector unions.

I’m entirely AGAINST the PUBLIC sector unions.

There’s just no accountability and balance. It’s corrupt as hell and full of abuse.







One thought on “Private Thoughts on a Public Nuisance

  1. Pat Russell says:

    That is correct, no one has to answer. It’s not their money, it’s someone elses.


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