Social Security Broke by 2024


December 2, 2014 by JImbo

Social Security Goes Broke in 2024

Seems pretty clear to me.

How do we fix this?

What will happen in the future?

I already don’t expect social security to be there when I retire.


4 thoughts on “Social Security Broke by 2024

  1. roninwolf109 says:

    Well yeah. Social Security was a Ponzi scheme. It’d have kept working fine if everybody had had like seven kids each. And of course inflation never happened. Or at least wages kept pace with it so people could afford to have all those kids and like feed them and stuff.

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    • JImbo says:

      But but but…Food stamps! And…Economic Stimulus! We will be okay as long as we keep Saying Things In Capital Letters.
      And isms.

      You can’t go wrong unless the “experts” say so.


  2. Pat Russell says:

    I can retire in 2022, whoops I guess not. Too many people were added during the recession. They were in there mid 50’s to early 60’s. By then most people have accumulated aches & pains. Go to the right doc. & get disability SS benefits. They also kept adding kids to it. Oh, they have ADD, Or a hangnail,
    sign them up. Now why go to work & lose free benefits. Now the parent has to stay home & care for them, thus the cycle continues !

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