50,000 Iraqi Ghost Soldiers Found

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December 2, 2014 by JImbo

Iraq Says it Found 50,000 “Ghost Soldiers” on Payroll

Why is this “news” exactly? It was common knowledge to us. It’s just the way they did things. Corruption is rampant in many foreign countries.

(The fact that the US government is one of the LEAST corrupt should really make you realize how corrupt governments are on average.)

It was very common for officers to put cousins and family members on the payroll in return for kickbacks. Since EVERYONE was doing it… who was going to complain about it? “Let he without sin cast the first stone” and all….

In addition, the soldiers that DO appear on the books on many Middle Eastern payrolls are only part time anyway. Since the oil-producing countries tend to PAY their citizens a stipend (like we do in Alaska), they don’t NEED to work.

So, they don’t.

They have jobs as “hobbies” but they don’t depend on them to survive.

As such, they show up when they feel like it. Or don’t. The officers really don’t give a crap because they’re there even less than the rank and file.

If they REALLY wanted to have guards on duty or a mission done they’d schedule 3-5 times as many people as they needed on paper so at least a few would probably show up. And that’s in peacetime.

In wartime, it all depended on how dangerous the mission was and how far from home it was. The more dangerous and further from home… the less likely they’d show up for work that day.

Now add to that the fact that the areas were Sunni occupied and the army in Iraq is mostly Shi’ite. Do they really shed a tear that their “heathen neighbors” get tortured and killed by terrorists?

What do you think?

And now we are told “just give them some more money and drop a couple bombs and they’ll be fine.”


That’s the problem.

They’re not getting paid enough.

It’s bound to work this time.

17th time is a charm right?



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