Modi Drops From Lead in TIME’s Person of the Year Poll


November 29, 2014 by JImbo

Can anyone name any lasting impact any of these idiots protesting…well…nothing… have had in Ferguson… or anywhere else around the country?
People REALLY think that they were somehow “influential” this year?
So NOTHING more important happened, and NO ONE was more important? (We’ll overlook for that “person” is singular, not plural. Is there even any sort of “leader” to the random bunch of thugs and opportunistic professional protesters involved?)
Let’s go through some runners-up.
The President?
Unlawful immigration debate?
Scandals out the rear end?
Elon Musk and his drive to privatize space exploration?
The Pope and his revamp of the Catholic Church? Affecting over a BILLION people?
Vladimir Putin or Xi Jingping? Russia and China surging ahead on the world stage?
The landslide of Republican wins in the elections due in part to Mitch McConnell and GOP leadership?
ISIS, led by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi?
Ebola and the cluster-chuck that the CDC director Tom Frieden?
Heck, even Taylor Swift would be ahead of Ferguson. Sure she may be an awful singer but she did sell all those records and made all that money SOMEHOW. That’s an impact, even if it’s simply on destroying ear drums and emptying parents’ pockets to the squeals of tween girls everywhere.
Then again, this is TIME magazine we’re talking about… not exactly a “news” source anymore.
More like “TMZ for people who won’t admit they would rather be watching TMZ and think they are more educated than that.”


One thought on “Modi Drops From Lead in TIME’s Person of the Year Poll

  1. Pat Russell says:

    What about Putin tying to take over the world like Hitler!


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