Black Friday Protest

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November 28, 2014 by JImbo

Ferguson Groups Protest Black Friday Shopping

In a bizarre news convergence it seems that the random rioters in Ferguson have decided to head to Black Friday.

I’m not sure if they were just confused by the name and thought it was a place to protest against racism… or wanted to keep protesting while they bought Christmas presents.

After all, politics and civil rights are important… but c’mon you can’t miss those deals at Wal Mart and Target!!! A flat screen TV for $98? Fighting racism can wait!!!

Ok, to be fair if they articulated their “demands” it might be convincing. However, I’m not sure if even they know what the connection is between Black Friday shopping and Michael Brown.


Did Wal Mart or Target do something wrong?

Do they just not like the name?

If we called it “Fun Friday” would they be happy?

Who speaks for this “Ferguson” crowd anyway?

I’ll be honest. I can’t take them too seriously. Without arson and looting, they may have had a point. Once it became a free-for-all it lost all credibility as any sort of organized movement.

What are they rioting FOR?

What are they rioting AGAINST?

Even if the authorities DID listen to them, what do they WANT?

I still haven’t been able to figure out what laying in the middle of Main Street in Rochester, NY did for Michael Brown. What’s the message? Why bother?

“Justice” can’t be it when the mob seems to desire to deny the justice system and impose mob rule. When you single one person out for punishment, without facts, simply because bunch of violent people say so… that’s the opposite of “justice.”

It can’t really be against racism either since they burned down minority-owned businesses in a minority neighborhood. Who burns down their OWN NEIGHBORHOOD? If you were “fighting the white man” wouldn’t you do it in a white neighborhood? Or burn down white-owned businesses?

I see that they’re more than ready to shop at Wal Mart and Target so… not too much problem with support those “white” stores.

And outside of Ferguson, what are you people DOING? Why is our mayor up here declaring solidarity with the protesters? Solidarity with WHAT? They haven’t come out with a single, coherent message in months of “protests.”

So, you’re randomly committing crimes for no real reason except for INJUSTICE for a cop, on behalf of a proven criminal, destroying your own neighborhoods while blaming other people.

Oh yeah, Martin Luther King, Jr would have been on your side alright….

He was all about injustice, hate and violence.

I can only dread what happens if we get a “White Christmas” this year.

Who do you protest if that happens?

The Weather Service?



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