A Sign From the Lord


November 26, 2014 by JImbo

I love how you can tell a lot about a town by its street names.

Sometimes it’s obvious.

“Church St” for example was where all the churches used to be.

Similarly, “Water St” will generally take you to the river or canal (as will River or Canal St)

Sometimes not so much. Is it “Baker St” because there used to be bake shops here, or simply because a family named “Baker” lived down there?

Sometimes it’s a fun history lesson, such as why so many Erie Canal towns have a “Clinton St.” It’s simple really. DeWitt Clinton was the Governor of New York at the time the Erie Canal was started. He is credited with making them all “boom towns” because of it.

And sometimes it’s just a fun local story that people have usually made up for it.

For example “Christian Holler Rd” probably relates to the fact of people living in a small valley (“hollow” or “holler”) but that was kind of boring.

I haven’t found evidence of it in the history books, but folks around here swear that the “REAL STORY” is much different.

One day a preacher came to down giving fiery sermons about the coming Rapture and he preached that everyone should go together to the shore (or a hilltop… it’s not quite clear on that point) and “Meet our Lord and Savior comin’ down from the Heavens.”)

So, all the Christians in the area streamed out there and waited…and waited… and waited for a sign. Finally, they got disgusted and went home only to find that while they were gone someone had snuck into their houses and stolen all their valuables!

And so the story goes “Boy, you shoulda’ heard them ol’ Christians HOLLER!”



One thought on “A Sign From the Lord

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Aren’t you afraid of hurting someones feelings? Oh wait it’s just Christians. Nyuk Nyuk!

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