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November 23, 2014 by JImbo

Just saw this post on Facebook with a TON of “likes” and “attaboys.”

This would be more convincing if they didn’t have pink Legos for girls…girls on commercials playing with Barbie and My Little Pony Legos… boys playing with Star Wars and Fire Truck Legos….

Yeah, real equality there Lego.

I agree with the sentiment. That’s the BEAUTY of Legos.You can build just about ANYTHING with the same basic blocks. Your only limit is your imagination.

(And those wheels your brother keeps taking for his dumb car when your own truck is far superior in design and needs them more!)

I see Lego’s economic reason to do this. Name brands sell.

And yes, you can argue that “Well boys could buy the Disney Princess Lego set.”

True… but you do put out commercials pretty clear about who you expect to buy those sets.

Legos for Girls “Sunshine Ranch”

(Not a lot of boys in that one, female voice over)

Legos for Boys “Legends of Chima”

(and no girls in that one, male voiceover)

I’m not criticizing their business decision. You market different products to different audiences. And they’d be fools not to get on the Disney, Marvel, Hasbro gray trains.

I just wouldn’t make a huge deal out of how “post-gender” you are. There is nothing (in theory) stopping a little boy from having his parents buy a Disney Princess set. There’s nothing wrong with a little girl asking for Super Hero Legos for her birthday.

Just don’t brag about it when you’re putting out very gender-specific commercials. Accept that the boy and girl aren’t “normal” but that there’s nothing wrong with that. Yet defying the rule only proves that there is a rule to defy…written or not.

After all, we all know that mixing different sets of Legos usually turns out looking terrible. You just can’t make a cool fighting space robot out of pink and purple castle pieces. It just doesn’t work.

There’s no law against it. It just looks ridiculous. And people are free to be ridiculous.

Aw crap and now I’ve gone and pissed off the hermaphrodites.

Well the good news is you can play with any Legos you want…. the bad news is you really should stick one bathroom and stick with it.

My big question is this though…. how do you build ANYTHING useful with all those funky shaped pieces and name-brand stuff? What happened to the big sets of generic pieces? That’s not good enough?

You can get FAR more creative with something like this:

Cars, houses, whatever. It’s not gender-specific. It’s not brand-specific. You don’t have to have seen a particular movie or own a certain doll (action or fashion) to use it. You just get a pile of bricks and BUILD!


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