The Snow Must Go On

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November 20, 2014 by JImbo

Buffalo Braces for Two More Feet of Snow (adding to over FIVE feet already on the ground)– Buffalo News

It’s easy to get caught up in the “Worst Storm Ever!” hype. But, this isn’t Armageddon. It sucks but we’ve been through it before in New York. In many ways we’re a lot better prepared now.

For example, I heard there are 500 municipal and state plows on the streets now… heavy duty plows in addition to the private and commercial ones.

Back in 1977 only about 40 plows were operational in the entire Buffalo city fleet!

And if we ever get complacent just be glad you don’t live in Watertown!


Past Buffalo Snowstorms Featured on “Forgotten Buffalo” Website


The “Dump” of 2000

(Greatest 24-hr snowfall in Buffalo history…3 feet of snow in 9 hours)

The Blizzard of 1977

St. Patrick’s Day Storm of 1936

Every generation has had it’s share of snow stories.

So, now it’s this generation’s turn.



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