Lies, Damn Lies and Illegals

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November 20, 2014 by JImbo

President Delays Deportations of Illegals by Three Years By Decree as “Common Sense”

What was that about fooling some of the people all of the time? The regular sycophants I’m sure will slurp this up like a pig at a trough. However, those with half a brain will likely soon see through this with one single question:

“Isn’t all of this enforcement of existing laws what you were supposed to be doing all along?”

Yes, everything he is proposing according to the speech transcript is essentially a watered down version of laws already on the books. It’s already illegal to trespass into the country. It’s already illegal to commit felonies. It’s already policy to deport criminals.

So…. this “new enforcement” is what exactly?

A red herring.


Smoke and mirrors.

He promises to do a FRACTION of what he’s already FAILING TO DO regarding SOME criminals… in return for amnesty for MORE CRIMINALS.

“Well what’s YOUR alternative???” ask his staunch defenders.

Well… I have outlined a practical, cheap, workable plan before on this very blog…repeatedly. Do a search. You’ll find it.

However, in the meantime how about DO YOUR JOB. The laws are already ON THE BOOKS. The reason the “immigration system isn’t working” is because he’s MAKING IT NOT WORK.

Essentially, President Obama is a guy who wants a new car but the old one runs fine. So, he pours sugar in the gas tank and then cries “My car died! I need a new car!”

When no one wants to buy him one, he then says “Well, I’ll wash the old car if you buy me a new one.”

With the added threat of “If you don’t I’m gonna burn the house down!” (ie shut down the government.) Don’t misunderstand it. That is EXACTLY who is at fault if there’s a “government shutdown.”

Not funding 99.9% of the budget in order to not get your hand slapped on illegal immigration is a temper tantrum. He did it last time with Obamacare too. And the only reason it’s happening NOW is because the President knows he loses his ace card of the Democrat-controlled Senate in January.

He HAS to play this card NOW. He NEEDS to play this game. You can already hear the lies going around.

“Well the Republicans hold both houses of Congress. Poor President…”


No, hold on…back up.

No the GOP does NOT hold “both houses of Congress.”

Until January, it’s still Democrat controlled. Anything now is still Democrat-controlled. So, to claim anything “didn’t make it out of a Republican Congress” is an outright lie.

It’s not a fib.

It’s not a half truth.

It’s a LIE.

Look, I don’t expect the GOP to grow a pair or to be much better than the Democrats to be honest. The leadership of both parties are heavily entrenched Washington Politicians. No surprise about that.

However, this lying has GOT to stop. I can’t even WATCH the President anymore because literally every third sentence is a lie. He can’t help himself.

The rest are just vague sentences with no meaning and window dressing. He rarely says anything true, and if it is, it’s by mistake.

I didn’t care for George Bush (Jr or Sr) but at least they told the truth most times.

Don’t fall for the lies.

Do the research.

Don’t take my word for it.


I abhor indoctrination.

No one should just simply TELL you what to think. They should encourage you how to LEARN FOR YOURSELF.

Can’t start that process based on lies.


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