Shall, May, May Not?

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November 17, 2014 by JImbo

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Demolishes “May Issue” Rules in California Case

Without getting too far into it, this ruling was HUGE. Not Supreme Court huge… but it carries across the whole Ninth District (basically every state west of the Rockies), and can be used as precedent in other Districts.

What was ruled was that you HAVE a right to have a gun to protect yourself. The State can’t demand that you PROVE that to them. This false “proof test” has long been used to deny people their rights. Just like the “poll taxes” and such under Jim Crow were meant to keep blacks from voting, these “proof requirements” were used to keep people from exercising their right to self defense.

Think of this limitation on ANY other of our Amendments. Imagine if there was a “proof” limit on freedom of speech. What if you had to PROVE to the government that you had a “good reason to speak?”

Or a “good reason why you NEED privacy in your home?”

Or a “good reason why you need to own personal property?”

None of these are even thought of by reasonable Americans. They would be instantly laughed at and rejected. However, these infringements have been wheedled into place over the years in many places across the country.

In short, a “May Issue” area is where the government decides if you “truly need” your rights.

A “Shall Issue” area is where they MUST issue you a permit if you meet the minimum criteria legally… such as you’re not a felon, not in a loony bin, etc.

Any legitimate US adult citizen walks in and GETS a license.

Now, that’s a step away from TRUE freedom. It’s not like Vermont’s “No license needed” freedom… which is basically what ALL the other freedoms are. (You don’t need a license at all to speak freely or own a house.)

However, it IS a step in the right direction. if you had NO right to protest and then the government said “I’ll give you a license that lets you, but you have to sign this application first”… it’s a step in the right direction.

I truly think this generation might actually be starting to move things back.

And it scares the HOLY BEJEEZUS out of the Statist bureaucrats.

Don’t expect them to go down without a fight.


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