If At First You Don’t Succeed… Lie Lie Lie


November 17, 2014 by JImbo

Recap of the “Obamacare Lies” videos from MIT Economist Jonathan Gruber

In a nutshell for the people that aren’t following this, it’s simple.

Essentially everything that opponents of Obamacare were right. A key architect/designer of the plan admits it… repeatedly… on video. Although the entirety of the speeches and interviews aren’t all here (for lack of time/space/boringness) that is what he admits to.

They “had to lie in order to get this law passed.”

Then he claimed he “misspoke.”

He was never clear on WHAT he “misspoke” about. It’s pretty clear in depth exactly how they lied and why. He says it in the videos.

For example, they KNEW you wouldn’t be able to keep your plan. That was incompatible with the “new way of doing things.” It could NOT happen and achieve their goals.

They KNEW you wouldn’t keep your doctor.

They KNEW costs would go up for most people with insurance. (You can’t pay for more without raising prices after all!)

They knew the “Cadillac Tax” on some plans would be passed on to the consumer. He’s an economist. It’s obvious. It’s also common sense when you stop to THINK about it.

An insurance company is a company. It is going to stay in business. That’s what it HAS to do. Most costs are pretty well fixed. Plus, if you have people invested in the business they need to keep making a small profit or they will PULL THEIR MONEY OUT. And… again, the business collapses.

So, they have to raise prices to the consumer.

This is ESPECIALLY true when government is involved and it affects an entire industry. Where is the competition if EVERY business has the same tax hike? When the price of cigarette taxes are raised or gas taxes are raised, the prices go up by that much. YOU pay at the pump. The “evil corporations” don’t pay it. YOU do as a consumer.

After all, there IS no competitive difference. If EVERY tobacco company or EVERY oil company has the SAME tax increase, then you can’t go anywhere else. You can’t say “I’m gonna go somewhere else because your prices are too high.” They are ALL raising their prices by that same amount.

The government just hosed you as a consumer and you’re naively blaming the “evil corporation” for the price increase… but STILL buying the product of course. After all, what are you going to do when EVERYONE is doing it?

At any other time in history, this would be front page news. It would be on all the newspaper headlines and there would be mobs in the streets protesting.

Unfortunately, this is the “Golden Age of the First Black President.” Everyone is so afraid of being called a racist, they’re willing to look the other way and accept any lame excuse to NOT investigate things that were readily apparent BEFORE the bill was passed.

Politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and yes President Obama are all on record now as saying they “never knew” Mr. Gruber… and that he “wasn’t a part of our team.”

Strange…. he was documented AT the meetings he’s talking about… WITH you. He and others say you TALKED with Mr. Gruber, Mrs. Speaker…. Mr. Majority Leader… and Mr. President. You were THERE in the room TALKING with the man and PAYING HIM for HELPING YOU MAKE POLICY… but you don’t remember it?

That’s kind of odd don’t you think?

So what WERE you paying him $400,000 for in “consulting fees?” That seems to be “on the team” to me if you were asking his advice and witnessed having discussions with him.

To be fair, you weren’t the only one caught in the act. Three other states paid him good money too to woo their own legislators. He only raked in $1.5 million in “consulting fees” to act as an “independent supporter” of Obamacare.

Yes, an “independent voice” being PAID $1.5 million to get the bill passed. Not quite what MY definition of “indepenent” is but hey, I don’t work in Washington.

Let you think it’s just a Democrat thing… he slammed Mitt Romney too accidentally. Mr. Gruber marvelled at the prototype for Obamacare… Mitt Romney’s “Romneycare” in Massachussetts. Or actually, technically it was the maneuvering of now-deceased Senator Tedd Kennedy in basically “bribing” the Federal government into picking up $400 million of the tab for “Romneycare” to make it APPEAR as if it balanced on its own.

Without the “success” (through cronyism and subsidies hidden by siphoning off from the Medicaid program) that would have collapsed and Obamacare would have been stillborn. As it was, President Obama was able to say “Look, see how well it worked in Massachussetts when a REPUBLICAN came up with it!”

It’s a sham. Too late now. But, you can see how this whole thing is teetering on the brink of collapse. The only reason the “numbers signed up” are anywhere NEAR what the Administration claims is because they’re doctored. They keep adding those on Medicaid and other programs into the rolls. They aren’t REALLY “in Obamacare” but it makes the padded numbers look good. It also makes it seem like the plan is providing more care for the dollar than it is (since those being counted are STILL being served out of Medicaid funding elsewhere in the budget.)

They COULD admit this, but why bother? The American voters is “thankfully too stupid”, right Mr. Gruber? So “stupid” that they wouldn’t have voted for it if you TOLD THEM THE TRUTH. So “stupid” that the Administration STILL can’t come clean and tell the truth, even under threat of legal perjury and FOIA requests.

Oh the people were “too stupid” alright… too stupid to TRUST YOU and your cronies.


One more thing to bring the final point into perspective:

(Source: Brookings Institution, latest figures available Jan 2014)

Those 45 and over are the ones USING UP health insurance money.

Those BELOW that are basically paying in more than they use.

Now, factor OUT the ones who can stay on their plan till they are 26.

So, the 30% of the people in Obamacare are paying for the other 70% using it.

When has that ratio EVER ended well?

Then factor in subsidies…. which come out of taxpayers’ pockets…

The system CAN’T work long-term. It’s unsustainable. It’s already devouring larger and larger pots of cash behind the scenes.

One bright spot is that this could all erupt into the sunlight soon, sending the cockroaches scurrying. The Supreme Court has said it will address the “Exchange Subsidies Debate.”

In the Affordable Care Act (ACA)…. “Obamacare”, it says “States will establish exchanges” and that these “State exchanges” will have access to Federal subsidies. Well, turns out 35 states did NOT set up exchanges because their people voted NOT to set them up.

In the law it clearly says the Feds can only subsidize a “State Run Exchange.” The Obama Administration is taking “State” to mean “Federal government” which… honestly… is the dumbest sort of excuse in a long time.They’re trying to claim that “State” in that context means “Country” as in the “State of Mexico” or the “State of China.”

Yeah… I’m sure THAT was what they meant in a chapter all about the United States. They REALLY meant that CHINA would set up an exchange in Alabama….

However, it’s gotten to the Supreme Court because everyone else has passed the buck.

No one wants to be the one to say “It says you can’t have subsidies without a State exchange.”  Because, that would essentially mean “Everyone in those states without exchanges pay FULL PRICE!” The sticker shock would drive probably 80-90% of the people out of the plan overnight. The whole program would collapse under its own weight in a month.

I look forward to what the Supreme Court says next month. It’ll be interesting to say the least. Was it PT Barnum or Abraham Lincoln that said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time”

Unless you yell RACIST!

And then you don’t have to fool them, just scare them into submission.


One thought on “If At First You Don’t Succeed… Lie Lie Lie

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Subsidies were always part of the plan.


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