We Country Folk Don’t Need Savin’

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November 14, 2014 by JImbo

Have you ever noticed that all the super heroes are based in cities? Superman, Batman, etc. Granted population-wise, yes there are more people in the cities per square mile. I suppose that makes them easier to defend in a way.

However, that still leaves a LOT of country folk with no protectin’ from evil villains. Consider here in New York for example. About 8 million people live in Gotham City (New York).

However, that still leaves 14 million people NOT in New York City. However, not only is Batman and his crew there, but the whole X-men group too. Plus a dozen other smaller groups.

Not a single one is Upstate. Guess we’re screwed. Too much of a commute.

Yeah, I know they have super-jets and stuff. Yes, some can fly. Sure Flash has super-speed. The point though is that no matter how fast you are, 400 miles away is still farther than 4 blocks.

Would it be so hard to have a couple people based in Buffalo or Syracuse? I know we’re not as “cool” as the Big Apple but geezus, we pay taxes too.

I’ve got a few theories on this.

1) They’re lazy and elitist. Easy enough. No one wants to go hang out with country bumpkins. Especially Bruce Wayne. Heck, most of the X-men are FROM the country and “went to the big city” to get famous. Guess it makes sense they’ve turned their back on us. Good riddance to them.

They probably voted for Cuomo too.

2) There’s not much to protect. Infrastructure-wise… I guess. Not as many skyscrapers and stuff. You could argue that Rochester and Syracuse are pretty big. Lots of buildings and people. Some of the biggest biomedical, research, science and defense companies in the world here. But you know… villains NEVER try to get their hands on medical, scientific or defense secrets…

Just sayin’.

3) They figure we can handle it ourselves. There IS a ring of truth to it. Most of the places up here have volunteer fire companies and small police forces. Most folks have guns and dogs if trouble calls. I guess maybe we don’t need protectin’ as much as city folk do.

I’m gonna go with that. It’s that or they’re total jerks. I’d prefer to think of our greatest “champions” as at least semi-nice guys.



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