Kingdom of the Little People


November 4, 2014 by JImbo

I dunno what to make of this place.

It seems like a nice little town.

The Little People there seem to like it.

Yet it flies in the face of our tendency to want to “mainstream” everyone into society.

We already put our seniors into communities of like-aged individuals.

I’ve seen shows on villages founded by circus performers that seem to work since they have a lot in common.

In olden times, often whole legions of the Roman Army would be released in an area on the frontier to settle it. Or, when a railroad crew was released in the American West they would settle together. It makes sense if you work with people of similar jobs, skills, backgrounds, or ethnicity you would find much in common with them.

What if they had villages for people of different disabilities?

For example a “Wheelchair Village” or “Down Syndrome City”?

Would it still be as cute?

Would it be good for them?

Or bad?

One thought on “Kingdom of the Little People

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Kind of leaves you scratching your head. Would never be allowed here.


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