Germany To U.K.: You’ll Keep Your Border Open and Pay Welfare To The Riff Raff, Or We’ll Kick You Out of EU…


November 3, 2014 by JImbo

Regardless if it principles or partisan politics, this is a good issue for Cameron. The rise of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) shows people want out of the EU. Plus as an added bonus, the UKIP is pulling members from the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties.If Cameron’s Conservative party gets more votes, or the tiny UKIP party just pulls them from Labor and Liberal Democrat, the end result is that the Conservative party gains relative power, perhaps even a solid majority.It is a good move for the country, but it is also a very good strategy for the Conservative Party.

The chart shows the relative state of the parties from 13 May 2010 to the date the next election is held, with each line’s colour corresponding to a political party: blue for the Conservatives, red for Labour, yellow for the Liberal Democrats and purple for the UKIP. Each dot represents a party’s results in opinion polls, the lines are then created by an eight-data-point moving average.


3 thoughts on “Germany To U.K.: You’ll Keep Your Border Open and Pay Welfare To The Riff Raff, Or We’ll Kick You Out of EU…

  1. Pat Russell says:

    I was always surprised that England ever joined the EU. I think they would be better off out of it.


    • JImbo says:

      Seems the EU is pushing pretty hard. First a $2 billion “success surcharge” and now “here take our welfare cases…or else.”
      I hate to say it but we just may see a new “English Commonwealth” spring up. Not run by England, but a trading block of English speaking countries. I can see Canada, Australia,New Zealand, etc joining the USA and the UK. Given a choice, how many other countries would prefer the EC to the EU?


      • Pat Russell says:

        I wouldn’t have a problem with that, look how they added layers on businesses with there ISO certifications. Oh, we’ll do just this one and you can sell to us. Oh, wait, we just came up with 20 more…Monkey business.


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