It’s All About the Base

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October 31, 2014 by JImbo

They won’t stop playing this song on the radio, so I had to change the lyrics a bit.

And they keep playing the Mary Landieu racist/sexist comments.

So, I combined them.

(Much better I think.)


It’s All About the Base

(Mary Landrieu Remix)

It’s all about the base no outreach, Republicans are sexist and racist too

Can’t shake Obama though I’m trying to

Voted for Obamacare in twenty-ten,

Been a monkey on my back since back then,

If you a minority or woman, Racist rednecks be Illin’

Can’t get elected in the South any more,

Not counting Obama, Jindal and Me of course,

Obama told me not to vote for the Keystone Pipeline,

He said that the voters back home would never catch on,

Who knew that people still listened to talk ra-di-o,

Now they just might end up voting me out,

So it’s all about the base, bout the base, no outreach

Energize the base, stuff ballots,

It’s all about the base, high turnout



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