Christian Protesters Assaults by Angry Muslims in Michigan

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October 31, 2014 by JImbo

This video is over 2 years old.

It never made it into the mainstream media.

It’s just as bad as any of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Yet, it didn’t get a blip on the news.

Why is that?

This is pretty graphic stuff. Lots of vulgar language too. Some of the most racist Muslims I’ve ever seen. Not saying all Muslims are… but this crowd was the vocal minority. And violent.

(The rocks start flying about 8:58 mark in the video after a barrage of insults)

Then the court cases were all dismissed to avoid “inflaming tensions.”

Not for justice, but for “public safety.”

Since when does public safety trump all freedom of speech?

Judge for yourself.

A write up on the event:

Christian Protesters Assaulted with Stones and Bottles in Michigan

I understand the cop’s position. He says the presence of the Christians pissed off the Muslims. They had signs the Muslims didn’t like to read.

However, it WAS a public place. No Muslim would be attacked with rocks for attending any Christian festival. If they stood there with signs saying things against Christianity (which they often do) nothing would happen to them beyond some words perhaps.

The fault does not lie with who is standing where. It is the party that escalates to physical assault that is to blame. You can stand there all day and yell back and forth. That doesn’t hurt anyone. It isn’t illegal.

Bludgeoning people and assaulting a group based on religion is not just illegal. It is a hate crime. Yelling “Christians go home! Don’t you understand English?!?” and “Let’s beat them up” or and other threats makes it so.

The dialogue between the chief of police and the protest leader is insightful. So it’s acceptable to throw rocks at someone standing still silently with a sign in their hands? Is that an appropriate response just because you dislike what the sign says?

“Well you can always leave.”

Really? That’s the answer? If you’re bullied, back down to the bully and STFU?

Doesn’t that go both ways? Couldn’t any of the violent Muslims likewise choose to NOT stand next to the signs? It’s a large festival. There is lots of room that’s not right next to the small band of protesters in the corner.

This is the definition of blaming the victim. It’s akin to saying gay people can’t go into a particular bar because it’s “anti-gay.” Or that white people can’t go into “black bars.”

This is two steps further. One, it’s a PUBLIC street. Two, it’s PHYSICAL assault, not just insults or free speech.


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