Life on the Streets

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October 30, 2014 by JImbo

I noticed something about this video that is going viral on the Internet. Can you spot it?

I’ve been to New York City quite a few times. To be fair, it was as a man. I’m as far from an attractive young woman as humanly possible.

However, I DO get approached by lots of people. They’re called panhandlers, or bums, scam artists, indigents, etc. Whatever you want to call them they are MUCH more prevalent than the “harrassment”  in this video.

Where are they? Edited out to make a point? And what about all the random people swearing and yelling at you because they are trying to intimidate you into giving them money or are just bat-$h!t crazy?

This video makes NYC look TAME compared to what I’ve seen. Okay the guy walking for 5 minutes next to her was a bit creepy but soneone was holding the camera right? She wasn’t alone nor even touched as far as I could see.

Honestly I think the guys in the video were MORE respectful than they are to most guys I know. Nobody grabbed her arm or stopped her or got in her way with their hand out. No one threatened to “cut you unless you stop disrespectin me.” “LOOK at me, cracker!” “F***in white boy.” “What are you too good to look at a black man?”

I’d like to see this done by a man. A white guy of the same general social class, dress and look as the woman. Then posted to show it’s not about being a woman. It is the whole street culture. They don’t litter because of women. They don’t piss on the sidewalk because of women. They don’t stab people because of women.

The catcalls are just one aspect of a larger culture.

Of course I expect if this video were made by a man we wouldn’t have the poor pretty girl to focus on. People would notice the surroundings. The background. The cast of characters on the street.

And the guy would be called racist for posting a video of a white guy being abused by minority people on the street. Think that would go viral? Would that guy be invited on talk shows?

I doubt it.




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