Bill Clinton and the Case Against Airborne Ebola


October 29, 2014 by JImbo

Its official; CDC admits Ebola is airborne

There is a huge debate over if this is true” or not. Mainly because there is a medical debate over what truly “airborne” means.

As far as I know there is no strict definition on what the term means medically. Even the medical dictionary just says “ a mechanism of transmission of an infectious agent by particles, dust, or droplet nuclei suspended in the air.”

Clear as mud now?

Think of this as a “Bill Clinton” sort of argument. It all depends on what you consider the meaning of “airborne” to be.

Generally “airborne” in the military when we are dealing with chemical weapons training isn’t sneezing. It is either light enough to be carried on the wind for miles (like anthrax spores or tree pollen); or it is dispersed from high altitude, spreading over a wide are as it falls.

Think of it like flying a plane compared to skydiving. Both are “airborne” although you go a lot farther in an airplane. Either way you can move pretty far by the time you reach the ground.

Is skydiving “flying”? Is ballooning “flying”? Well I guess but not very controlled and not very far in one direction.

Now that brings us to Ebola. Is it “airborne?” Well is any sneeze truly “airborne?” Is the General Lee an “airborne vehicle” when it jumps the bridge over Johnson’s Creek?

I would say that while technically yes Ebola while is moving through the air, that no it isn’t truly an “airborne” virus. You and I move through the air all the time!

A truly airborne threat that would change the game totally would be a cloud of Ebola that can float on the wind and roam for miles like Mustard Gas, Anthrax, or even Ragweed pollen.

THAT would be airborne. Correct me if I’m wrong medical professionals, but viruses have a hard time becoming airborne. They just aren’t built for it.

Viruses need to be in human cells (or water droplets…somewhere moist) or they die quick. Generally within hours.

Airborne stuff has to float randomly on the wind. The wind dries it out. And it takes a long time drifting in the air to get to anything. This tends to kill the viruses, even if they were light enough to “float.”

Chemical like Mustard Gas are just chemicals. They can’t “die.” Plant spores like anthrax have hard watertight shells to survive for a long time.


Ebola is sift, squishy and fragile.

It will land indoor handles and pass between people in sweat, saliva or vomit. Sure. But even then it doesn’t last long if exposed to air and left alone.

The nurses infected by this were probably coughed on.Puked on. Touched infected stuff.

However, I don’t see Ebola floating through a community in a huge cloud killing people. Not saying it couldn’t happen. Giant robots could be living inside the Moon too and our President could be a clone inserted by them to control our world. (Thanks Hollywood)

Anything is possible I suppose, but its not very likely. At any rate, this whole “airborne Ebola” thing doesn’t matter. It’s just a matter of semantics. Its not “flying” farther than you can cough and if people washed their damned hands it would stop most of it anyway.

Use the same precautions you use against the Cold and Flu and you’ll be fine. That is those of you who DO wash your hands and cover your mouth.

The rest of you are dirty disease spreading vermin.


One thought on “Bill Clinton and the Case Against Airborne Ebola

  1. Pat Russell says:

    That’s exactly how they got rid of the aliens in V. They sent up balloons that blew up at a certain altitude, it infected them and they left. Three cheers for Earthlings!


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