The New Black

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October 28, 2014 by JImbo



On a recent blog post, blogger “The Uppity Negro” shows disdain for the “New Blacks” who identify as “American” instead of “African American.” (Raven, Pharell, etc)

It was an interesting post you should read here

My take on it is as follows:

I think the primary issue is past grievances and emphasis on “sins of the father.” It is a bit racist to overuse race in the public realm. Identifying anyone as “guilty” of being white, even when their ancestors arent even from this country (let alone slave owners) is not justice. It is injustice. To be frank, it is itself racist labelling.
Martin Luther King Jr (to cite a symbolic example of a wider movement) succeeded because of forgiveness, not grievance. In large part the reason the Civil Rights movement happened was because it was fostered innBlack Christian churches with a doctrine if forgiveness.

They say the“Millennials” are selfish and self centered. Maybe. One benefit if that is that they are less tied down by past mistakes and heritage. They dont feel obliged to do what their parents did for work, worship like them, or vote like them.

They accept gay marriage. They are far more apt to see the merot if individuals not simply groups. They put the past behind and look to the future.
They forgive.
Perhaps the Millennials simply see that more clearly than us older folks.


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