When the Shi’ite Hits the Fan


October 27, 2014 by JImbo

Sunnis vs Shi’ites

This explains so much of why it’s a disaster over there.

We had this discussion after watching that Brad Pitt movie “Fury” the other day.

In one scene, Brad Pitt’s character orders a new private to shoot a German prisoner.

I argued it was morally wrong.

Just because “well it happens” and “war is hell” isn’t enough excuse.

Yes, they’re the enemy. That doesn’t give you the right to kill them if they surrender.

Does it give you the right to rape the women just because they were on the wrong side?

Does it give you the right to steal their things?

Kill their pets?

Even if you’re “NICE” about it?

The scene where Pitt’s character essentially occupies a woman’s home and “nicely” demands her cousin have sex with one of his soldiers is a good case in point as well.

They’re armed men from a large invasion force who barge into the apartment, demand food and he “suggests” that “If you don’t take this girl into that bedroom right now, I will son!”

So… he’s what… being fatherly? He didn’t ask the girl’s permission. Did she REALLY have a choice in the matter?

It’s couched as “nice” because he’s pleasant while he says it. Then he’s played against a later group of “rowdy soldiers” who are somehow “uncouth.”

That doesn’t make it any less rape.

Or theft.

Or trespassing/home invasion.

He should have been brought up on charges.

I’ve been there. I know the rules get bent. I know the social structures are loosened in the fires of battle. Shit happens.

That’s when leaders need to step up and keep it together. You aren’t just there to point which way to go. You are there to GUIDE soldiers, morally s well as tactically.

“But it’s war!”

No, not at the point which they’ve stopped shooting. Those are civilians, not soldiers. Even soldiers at the point they surrender are not “combatants” anymore.

Say it’s overly naive if you want. THAT is what separates a “fighter” from a “soldier.” Any thug can be a “fighter.” All you gotta do is be able to FIGHT.

To be a soldier you need a code of ethics to follow. Rules. Even in the middle of the chaos of war.

So who are the “soldiers” over there? I suppose ISIS THINKS they are “Soldiers of Allah”, but since they only recognize fellow Islamic Radicals as “people” the point is kinda moot.

They are the Arabic equivalent of Nazis. They do NOT value human life. They don’t just fight other people. They don’t see anyone but themselves as PEOPLE. Everyone else is INHUMAN.

That’s how they can behead people like butchering livestock. They don’t see them as people. They see them as ANIMALS.


And once you scratch the surface, the Shi’ite militias are essentially the same thing. Different church, same God. They may disagree on what color to wear and how to wear their beards but they agree on how to dehumanize the enemy.

We expect more of our troops. It’s hard. But that’s what makes us BETTER.

We aren’t just different kinds of fighters, any more than American GIs were interchangeable with the Nazis.

Under the mud and blood of war there IS a difference.


2 thoughts on “When the Shi’ite Hits the Fan

  1. Rob says:

    If memory serves Brad Pitt’s character actually gave the woman and her cousin some eggs after busting in their apartment…which was kind of justified as he had seen her peeking out the window and ducking out of the way when she noticed him looking. I mean I would have too under the circumstances.
    While they were waiting for the woman to cook the eggs for them he noticed the way Norman and the girl were hitting it off so he made the comment about taking her into the bedroom to get Norman to make a move. He knew Norman was a good kid and wouldn’t force himself on the girl but yeah he might end up getting laid.
    Of course Norman stepped to because he knew Brad Pitt’s character was not kidding. I mean after shooting unarmed prisoners rape wouldn’t be too far out of line for him. So I mean there’s that too.


  2. JImbo says:

    Would any of that happened back home in the states? Just wander into someone’s house, demand they make you breakfast and order the neighbor kid to have sex with a strangers cousin in the other room?
    Especially for 6 eggs. That’s what two dollars worth of eggs?


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