“Heroes Aren’t Heroic” Says Study

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October 24, 2014 by JImbo

Heroes Aren’t Heroic Says Study

Essentially the study claims that you can’t be “heroic” unless you are afraid. The heroes they studied acted before they felt fear, so they could not by definition be “brave” since that means overcoming fear.

It’s an interesting thought, although it only has limited applications. For starters, you can only act “in the moment” for a moment. Then it becomes a thought out plan of action.

Many of those who do act put themselves out there TO act as well. There is a chance you’ll see a burning building walking down the street and go help. However, if you join the local fire department it’s basically GUARANTEED that in time you eventually will be in that situation if you keep going on calls.

That’s not instinct or “cooperative adaptation.”

It’s planning and intentional choice.

I noticed they left most of those people out of the study….

Not that it was a super scientific study or a large sample size.
Still, something to think about I suppose.



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