The NYS Governor’s Debate in Buffalo

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October 23, 2014 by JImbo

I was invited to attend the NYS Governors Race debate in Buffalo last night. Thank you to Wesley Meadows, Kevin Wilson and Michael McDermott for that. Yeah, I was there with the Libertarian Candidate… full disclosure.

We had pretty good seats. Right near the front. Where “Governor Palpatine” kept staring at us with those cold, dead eyes.

Seriously. I don’t know what was behind us. It looked like he kept looking right at ME.

I’m sure it’s my imagination. Or maybe the lady asking questions in front of us? I know you’re supposed to address the audience but he didn’t seem to look around the studio much at the audience… and oddly not even at his supporters who seemed clustered on the OTHER side of the room.

I’m far from a reporter so I’m not worried about it. Hey, being biased and opinionated is how you get a job on CNN or MSNBC it seems! If you can manage to make shit up with no research at all you could even work at the NY Times.

Unfortunately, I have a habit of honestly. Oh well.

Anyway, Buffalo was a predictable place to have the debate. It’s Upstate but also a strong Democrat stronghold. So, it’s sooooorta balanced.

Then again, if you have half the city employees working for you on overtime putting up signs and picketing to support you… that’s not exactly “fair.”

I think they kinda overdid it a bit.

Meanwhile, the other candidates were buying their OWN signs and entirely volunteer run. Just saying…

For awhile we hoped Governor Palpatine wouldn’t show up at all.

Unfortunately, such was not to be. He simply wanted to be fashionably late to screw with people.

From Left to Right:

Republican Rob Astorino

Democrat Andrew Cuomo (Incumbent)

Green Party Howie Hawkins

Libertarian Party Mike McDermott

You can pretty much tell how the debate went from this picture.

Notice what the matching suits and posture of the two on the left.

Note the open coats relaxed posture of the two on the right.

The two on the left in the “official” parties pretty much just attacked each other all night.

The two “alternative” candidates talked a bit about their own particular issues and lamented that the other two candidates were there at all.

You can judge for yourself who “won” if you can call it that.

Here’s the whole video if you’re interested.


Full Debate (58 minutes)

(Thanks for the links, Avery Schneider!)

There were some amusing quips and digs.

I am disappointed in Mr. McDermott for not putting the case out there fully. The Libertarians are often sidelined as the “weed party” and inconsequential. That’s not even on most peoples’ radars in the Libertarian party and we’re about personal freedom. However, when asked he went into how pot should be legal and hemp would be a good fabric.


Why play right into their hands?

And why at the end not just keep it short and simple? Why vote for YOU, Mr. McDermott? Because we need another new party on the ballot! You’ve been saying for MONTHS that “You won’t waste your vote if you vote for me.” If you vote for Astorino or Hawkins, you lose because they’re way behind Cuomo. However, if the Libertarian party gets 50,000 votes they become OFFICIAL and on the ballot for good! THAT is something that you can accomplish!

Where was that message? It would have been POWERFUL at the end. I don’t mean to be a jerk. I know how tough public speaking can be. I hate doing it too.

Being up there in the lights is hard. You are a brave man for even putting yourself through all this. It…. just seems like such a lost opportunity. It’s not like we have any money to pay for yard signs, let alone billboards like Astorino.

We don’t even have ignorant dirty hippies and brainwashed communists to pull like Hawkins either.

We just have Personal Freedom and the Constitution. I know it’s a hard sell. Working people have a hard time volunteering. It’s not like we can just have all the government workers in the unions do our bidding for us.

That would be unethical anyway…

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