Drivers License, Registration and Facebook Password Please

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October 22, 2014 by JImbo

Police in Watervliet NY Need your Facebook Password to Determine if you are Worthy of a Handgun Permit


I can’t confirm this yet. It’s from Infowars originally, so that raises a flag right there. Maybe someone will follow up on this. I DO know that companies are doing this in their hiring processes.

However, that IS voluntary. You can always choose NOT to work there. A job is not a right.

The 2nd Amendment IS a right. It’s “not to be infringed.” That doesn’t mean “screw with people all you want.” It means you can’t touch it. Period.

The government has already gone too far in many cases (ahem… New York) but this would be a step too far that a lot MORE people would see. You see, if there’s no privacy… then that’s ANOTHER violation of the Constitution… as well as dozens and dozens of State and Federal laws.

They are supposed to look at your APPLICATION, not “Well I heard this about this guy from this other guy.” That’s hearsay. Even what YOU post on YOUR Facebook is just SPEECH.

You could say you helped Hitler capture Bigfoot last weekend and it’s just talk.

I dunno if this is true or not. However, the other parts of the article are. The FBI is indeed trying to stop Apple from offering private encryption to customers because “It makes our job inconvenient.”

Hmmmm… well, last time I checked you can get phone records with a judge-signed warrant and suspicion of criminal activity. So… if you want to get at data WITHOUT a warrant that must mean you don’t have enough evidence to ask for one.

Awwwww can’t spy on people anytime you want? Forced to follow the Constitution like the rest of us?

Boo hoo!

Tough luck FBI.

Sucks to be you.

The link about the Police and Feds “pretending” to be a person on Facebook is ALSO TRUE. They are indeed doing that and it is ALSO in violation of lots and lots of laws.

We can’t just brush this stuff off or assume it’s okay because it’s SOMEONE ELSE.

This Watervliet thing might not be true. It’s too early to tell. However, violations of personal liberties and privacy ARE happening every day and if we don’t slap their hands away, it will keep getting worse.


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