Can’t Wait for the Big Debate!


October 21, 2014 by JImbo

(I have no clue who these people are but I couldn’t post a picture of a debate that hasn’t happened yet, so… there ya go.)

I’m going to the Governor’s Debate in Buffalo tomorrow night.

I’m really excited, which means there must obviously be something wrong with me.

After all, who gets excited about politics and freedom?

——-> THIS GUY! <———

I’ve never been to an official Governor’s Debate before. What’s the dress code for something like that?

Suit and tie?


Wife beater and sweat pants?

Hey Wal Mart shoppers are voters too, right?


For me politics is almost like a sporting event. A boxing match or a football game. Or even a good action movie when the good guy and bad guy duke it out mano a mano.

Except that usually there isn’t a “good guy” per se, there’s no score and usually no violence.

(There would be if I was hosting a debate. I’d have it in a stadium where everyone was invited and you could post the candidates on the Jumbo-Tron. Then the whole crowd would erupt in loud YAYs and BOOs, while the moderator would be treated like a bad NFL referee.

I suspect in the “REAL” debate they won’t sell booze. It’s probably not even BYOB (booooo!) I wonder if they’d mind some popcorn. Maybe a noisemaker or two?

At the VERY least I’d like to give Cuomo the finger.

I’ll be honest. I watch sports, but I don’t get too passionate about it. There just isn’t much in it for me. Unless you’re betting on it….

The only thing that changes if the Bills lose on Sunday is that there’s a lot of whining and moaning around the office by sore losers.

I’m a Redskins fan. Yes, Redskins. Deal with it.

(I’ve already written about the true history of the Washington Redskins and how the name is indeed a tribute to Native Americans. If you think it’s a racist name then you need to do your research.)

It affects me if the Governor raises my taxes.

If affects me if the Legislature tries to take away Constitutional freedoms.

I really couldn’t care less what some athlete did, especially off the field. If it’s illegal, they’ll go to jail. If not why do I care? My fantasy football team doesn’t have a “times caught with a hooker” stat or “number of felonies this season.”

On the other hand, I DO care if our leaders are guilty of fraud and corruption. Those matter. Choosing BETTER people to get into office is not just nice. It’s a responsibility we’re supposed to do as citizens.

How can you vote for someone if you know nothing about them? I wouldn’t put a player on my fantasy football team without knowing his stats. I could are less what college he went to (some guys really get into that stuff.) But, at know what position he plays!

Likewise, we need to know what our candidates’ positions are… don’t ya think?

You don’t think it’s important to the rich lobbyists looking to see who they can influence?

I know people complain that politicians with principles are “hard to get work done.” In other words, they don’t go along with whatever is popular or makes them some money. Isn’t that a good thing?

Given a choice, I’d rather have a Rudy on my team that has an honest heart,

rather than a Richard Sherman.

And that goes for politics too.

Michael McDermott

Andrew Cuomo


If you don’t get involved, what’s the point?

Why even bother to vote?

Without some stats and background information, you’re just playing games and making the whole thing a celebrity popularity contest.

Our political system becomes a joke.


(And this I had to include from


2 thoughts on “Can’t Wait for the Big Debate!

  1. Chai says:

    This entry has made me laugh the most so far. Not sure what that says about me, but kudos to you


  2. JImbo says:

    Sure it wasn’t just the last photo?


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