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October 19, 2014 by JImbo

CDC Denies Enterovirus Came to US With Illegal Latino Children

Yet the medical evidence appears otherwise.

It seems rather disingenuous for the Border Patrol to NOT do medical checkups… then claim “we didn’t find Enterovirus in the kids.” Without checking them how would you know?

Then when the kids in Latin America were tested by doctors in other studies, 3% of the kids 8 and younger had them in the general population down there.

Really, CDC? You can adamantly claim that without even testing anyone that THESE hundred thousand illegals somehow DON’T have the normal 3% infection rate that the countries they come from have?

Common sense would tell you otherwise. 3% of 100,000 would be 3,000 potential carriers. The Enterovirus cases do tend to be clustered near where there are groups of distributed illegals introduced into communities.

While it’s not the kids’ fault they have the virus… it is still a major health issue. It’s not AS deadly as Ebola, but given how QUICKER it spreads and how many are already infected, it could be just as deadly in the short term as Ebola among our children and elderly.



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