70% of Catholics Support Gays, Defying Common Stereotype


October 18, 2014 by JImbo

Not the headline you wanted now is it, HuffPo?

Sorry, Huffington Post (HuffPo) but again you shot yourself in the foot.

Maybe if you didn’t focus so much on divisive “gotcha” stories and trying to divide people into stereotypical, racist, sexist, homophobic groups with your slanted reporting and spurious use of facts? Or do the editors just not give a crap anymore?

85% of Young Catholics Support Acceptance of Gay People

Sorry but… REALLY?

THAT is your big takeaway from this article?

Not the fact that 70% of ALL CATHOLICS support gay people?

That 67% of those OVER 65 do?

I’m not sure if these numbers are accurate, but holy crap.

HuffPo focuses on the kids like it’s “kids against old people” or something. The difference between the oldest fogeys and the youngest kids is only 18%. That’s nothing.

Hell, half of those 50 and over even support gay marriage!

At least according to this poll.

So… how are Catholics somehow anti-gay? Either this destroys that myth once and for all… or the facts your entire story is based on are wrong, HuffPo.

How DO you manage to get yourself into these awkward situations where you have to choose between inconvenient facts and your long-held biased stereotypes?


2 thoughts on “70% of Catholics Support Gays, Defying Common Stereotype

  1. Pat Russell says:

    The Church has its own heirarchy that like any other govt. resists to, them radical change. Even though most Catholics and even the Pope support the concepts, the ruling body voted against it all. The Pope probably could force change but will settle for dialogue for now.


  2. […] Source: 70% of Catholics Support Gays, Defying Common Stereotype […]


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