The Frenemy in our Midst


October 14, 2014 by JImbo

United States Bombs ISIS


Arabs bomISIS

Kurds fight ISIS

Turkey bombs… Kurds?

Turks Bomb Kurds

Yup. Not a surprise to me…or anyone following this blog. We have known whose side President Erdogan is on for a long time now.

Maybe the media will finally realize it after their “WTF?” moment? Will they wake up and see who butters Erdogans bread? And why his own people are itching to get rid of him?

Nah prolly not. Our President is still pinky sworn to defend Erdogan because they are slumber party buddies. Slumber buddies for life, bro!

And whichever way the President points, the mainstream media tends to go. Reuters isn’t in the USA, so they can speak up for now. Of course if people start empathizing with the Kurds too much that could change.

A frenemy for those who don’t know is someone who is an enemy pretending to be a friend. The opposite would be what, an Enemend? I dunno. Sounds legit.

Maybe ISIS and Erdogan had their own slumber party? With Frenemies like that who needs Enemends?




One thought on “The Frenemy in our Midst

  1. Pat Russell says:

    The Kurds remind me of Israel. The American people stand behind them as do Republican Presidents. Most of the Middle East could care less. The UN makes a little noise but that’s it.
    The no fly zone kept Saddam from exterminating them. Our military hardware kept the Arab countries from the final solution of Israel.


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