Nurse May Have Killed 38 Elderly Patients She Found “Annoying” to Care For

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October 14, 2014 by JImbo

Italian Nurse Daniela Poggiali Suspected in Deaths of 38 People

I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt, because the media isn’t. It MAY be a coincidence. She WAS caring for a lot of elderly people, many with heart problems. In that situation, then you’d expect over the years those people would die no matter what she did of simple old age.

However, what if the police are right? How does it GET to that point? I guess if no foul play was detected then there’d be no request for an autopsy. Old people are a pretty easy target since they’re expected to die anyway, and many family members are okay with their passing.

Some for good reasons (they’re finally done suffering)

Some for bad reasons (inheritance, inconvenience, etc)

Maybe I’m just too used to watching crime dramas on television. There the bad guys are always caught, no matter how careful they are. It takes less than an hour!

How often are crimes successful? I suppose we’ll never know due to the nature of the premise. If they successfully commit a crime and don’t get caught… we WON’T know about it!

if she did it, my prayers go out to all those families who lost loved ones to a criminal act. Even the very elderly could have had another year or two. That can make a huge difference to grand kids and other family members!

On the off chance she’s NOT guilty… what future is there for this woman? Do you think ANYONE is going to hire her as a nurse? There’s always that “well what if….?”

It’s sad any way you look at it.


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