Kristen Stewart Bashes Military as “Stupid”, “Simple” and “Socially Inadequate”


October 13, 2014 by JImbo

Kristen Stewart Bashes Military as “Stupid”, “Simple” and “Socially Inadequate”

I’m all for freedom of speech. That’s what this country is based on. If I take my oath as a soldier seriously, then I must defend her right to speak as much as anyone else’s.

On the other hand, there are consequences for speech. I too have freedom of speech. I can ask everyone NOT to see any of her movies. Or I can ask everyone to send her a nice polite message about it to her twitter address.

I don’t know what it is. I don’t really care. Any of them would work I guess. Really it honestly doesn’t matter that much to me.

I would like to maybe reach some of her fans though. To ask them what the hell she’s smoking lately. Seriously.

She’s usually so doped up looking I’m wondering if she’s normally on drugs… and came off them? Or is she normally morose…and suddenly discovered speed or crack? I don’t really watch her movies much.

Other than that one Twilight one… the one where they’re playing baseball? Yeah, didn’t get that. And her lack of expression or acting ability really kinda ruined it for me.

Oh well. The point is that I wonder if she truly HAS thought about the implications of what she said in the interview. Was it just something she heard somewhere? Or did she logically go through the motions of thinking it through?

Because… let’s be honest. She is glamorizing a terrorist. I don’t really plan on seeing the movie. My blood pressure is high enough. However, extolling the virtures of a member of Al Qaeda isn’t exactly enlightened.

She DOES know what they do for a living, right? It’s not like she has Gandhi in GITMO. It’s kinda reserved for the worst, most violent and high profile terrorists. Your low-level “I just got caught up in it. I’m just a poor paper boy” types don’t get into GITMO.

Did she really intend to make killing women and children sound better than being a prison guard? I know guys who served there. Does Kristen? I kinda doubt it from her portrayal thus far.

Care to show what prison guards in every OTHER prison are like? Or maybe what a Taliban/Al Qaeda/ISIS prison looks like? Well…sorry they don’t really have those. They just hold them long enough to put them on TV and behead them.

That’s much more humanistic don’t ya think, Ms. Stewart?

For those interested in the whole text, there’s a lot of whining and faux feminism wrapped in glowing flowery prose by an acolyte of hers here:

The Resurrection of Kristen Stewart

(A good example is her statement that French film makers are more “pro-woman” because they sleep with their leading actresses. It makes them more in touch with women. Yes… I’m sure you’re right…. most literally.)



2 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart Bashes Military as “Stupid”, “Simple” and “Socially Inadequate”

  1. Pat Russell says:

    I’m not sure she did her homework at all. Gitmo should have more not less prisoners. When you let them out they go back to trying to kill us. If she doesn’t care for the military she should visit most of the Middle East that has no govt. or a Shria one. Then she might have a little respect for what our soldiers defend.


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