92% of Mass Shootings since 2009 in “Gun Free Zones” (Repost from Breitbart.com)


October 13, 2014 by JImbo

92% of Mass Shootings since 2009 in “Gun Free Zones”


So if you obscure the facts, manipulate and lie you can make it appear that gun bans work.

Unfortunately, reality has a way of coming up to kick you in the rear. When they have asked the few still living perpetrators of these crimes if it made a difference they were “gun free zones”, they said it made a lot of difference.

In Aurora, Colorado shooter Jason Holmes picked the ONLY movie theatre that did NOT allow guns, even driving by several that were closer to his home.

In Ft. Hood, Texas, Major Nidal Hasan knew the soldiers there were disarmed from experience and factored that into his plan.

Those are just the two examples I know off the top of my head. To say that the killers don’t think about their targets is rather naive.


And then there’s this new finding to further question the “mass shooting” hysteria we’re being sold by the media.

FBI Report on Mass Shootings is Bogus

Now “zero to one casualty” is a “mass shooting?”

C’mon now.

That’s just insulting to the average American’s IQ.

Crime, including mass shootings is NOT on the rise. In fact, it’s the opposite.

Well, unless you live in Chicago. As I mentioned last week, the military is using it as an ideal military training experience. There’s plenty of gunshot and stabbing wounds to go around.

Of course it’s basically a “Gun Free Zone” too. The laws have made it almost impossible to openly carry or even possess a gun if you’re a law abiding citizen. However, since it is TECHNICALLY possible it doesn’t count in the Everytown study.


Is it any wonder that the American people distrust much of the network media more and more? Hell, we used to sit around in Iraq and laugh about all the stuff getting blown up that “wasn’t happening.” Car parts rained down on the barracks one day from a car bomb that “didn’t happen” about 50 yards away.

Alright I exaggerate.

Maybe it was 75.

Maybe I should be a journalist.




2 thoughts on “92% of Mass Shootings since 2009 in “Gun Free Zones” (Repost from Breitbart.com)

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  2. Pat Russell says:

    I would go to a place I know has no guns wouldn’t you?


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