Is it Too Late to Stop an Ebola Outbreak?


October 12, 2014 by JImbo


Is it Too Late to Stop an Ebola Outbreak?

Does Reporter Sharyl Attkisson have a point? We are already out of the “wonder drug” Zmapp. They are working to make more but it still doesn’t have FDA approval. Thanks to government “safety regulations” it’ll be YEARS before we get an approved vaccine.

We only got to use Zmapp as it was because they technically shipped it to Africa to use… no FDA regulations there.

You’d think that in a rational word dying people would be able to agree to get experimental drugs since they’re gonna die either way. But, no the Federal Government knows better than you do. They’d rather see you die from cancer in 6 months for sure, rather than give you a chance at living longer than that and get diarrhea or an itchy rash.

Regardless, that’s beside the issue. Too late to argue that now. People are infected and dying of Ebola now. In this country.

Does Mrs. Attkisson have a valid point? Our emergency services did seemed stretched to the limit by just ONE Ebola case at a time.What happens if there is more than one at a time?

Look at all the people that had to be quarantined and checked for that ONE infected person. The police and emergency services had to track down what… over a hundred people? And quarantine whole families? They already admitted they didn’t even do a complete job of that due to lack of resources.

Instead of watching them 24/7 they allowed the people to be “self quarantined.” So, they were just trusted not to go anywhere. For their own good and others.

Is that going to fly when after a week of not working and feeling fine a poor person decides to go back to work? They THINK they’re fine. They can’t pay the bills by not working.

Little do they suspect that in another week they’ll be sick and contagious. It takes THREE weeks to incubate Ebola after all. How many people will that waitress at the truck stop possibly infect in two weeks of work?

How about the COOK?

Do you really think they’ll be able to track those people down? Will they even REMEMBER every person they met in the past two weeks? And how many people will THEY expose in the NEXT THREE WEEKS?

Granted, the risk of exposure before the flu-like symptoms start is small. However, it goes up with numbers. Even a .1% infection rate means 1 in 1,000 people will get it just from sweat or rubbing their eye.

And that person runs into how many people… who runs into how many people?

We don’t have the infrastructure in place. The experts are right… the ones that say to STOP PEOPLE WITH EBOLA GETTING INTO THIS COUNTRY! Not the idiots at the CDC appointed by politicians who think with their heart rather than their head.

“Well we can’t make them feel bad in Africa. We can’t blame the victim. No one will go to Africa if we stop flights there!”

We’re sending almost a BILLION dollars and THOUSANDS of troops to fight Ebola in Africa. That’s good enough. We don’t have to let them ship all their people over here and cross our fingers that none of them have Ebola.

Or how about the ones coming in from Mexico? Yup, that’s happening. “Just a few thousand” according to Border Patrol. Well… we know that it doesn’t take that many.

An outbreak CAN be stopped. It just takes time and some drastic measures. We aren’t prepared however. it’s all been imaginary “scenarios” up until this point.

On a related note… will this have an impact on the election? Already parents are pulling their kids out of school in Dallas “just in case.”

What about the holiday season? Will people stay home or order online instead of going out in crowds if there are 5 or 10 people with Ebola by then?


US General Says No Way to Stop Ebola Now

I beg to differ. We could enforce the border and stop all flights for quarantine and/or blood tests. It’s inconvenient, but it would save a LOT of lives. If we don’t, then he’s right. If our President refuses to enforce the border, you will see MILLIONS of people swarm up from Central America if Ebola takes off.

Ask yourself… would YOU stay if you knew it was in your community and you know it has a 60% fatality rate?

Would you REALLY?

Be honest.


One thought on “Is it Too Late to Stop an Ebola Outbreak?

  1. Pat Russell says:

    As of this am 24 countries ban flights in or out of infected areas. Do they by chance know something we don’t? I think not. They don’t care if they are likeable like we seem to need to be.


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