The Debate on Global Cooling Heats Up


October 11, 2014 by JImbo

NASA Finds that the Oceans are NOT hiding Greenhouse Heat

Ooops! Don’t you hate it when the facts just don’t match the expectations?

First the climate didn’t warm up.. it COOLED DOWN!

So, it must be “hiding in the oceans… the oceans are warming up instead of the air.”

Unfortunately, that’s not the case either.

Now I’d be tempted to agree that the heat is being used to melt ice in the Arctic (Northern Ice Cap)… heating it up and turning it into water. Granted that’s not enough to explain how much heat energy that is supposedly “missing.” But it would be a start.

If the Antarctic (Southern Ice Cap) ice wasn’t GROWING that might make sense…

I’m sure they’ll find it eventually. It can’t be the faulty sensors and bad computer models. That CAN’T be the case.

Because mankind is evil and it must be destroying the planet. That’s not negotiable. It is the main tenet of the Church of Global Warming. (Climate Change Reformist?)

Denying that global warming is happening or that it’s not as bad as they said it would be is blasphemy. It’s akin to drawing a picture of Mohammed or suggesting there is no Heaven. It’s unthinkable!

Those who worship the government cannot be denied. They MUST have their “original sin” of mankind’s evil. It is the basis for their whole religion.

If man isn’t destroying the environment, then they don’t need government to “fix” it. If people stop believing in government as the “only answer”, then they’ll stop voting for more spending and ever larger government.

All that progress will be lost! We’ll return to the “dark ages” or personal freedom and free markets! Oh the horror!




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