China Surpasses USA as World’s Largest Economy Based On GDP/PPP


October 11, 2014 by JImbo

Voices from Russia

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Championship Title Race for the Biggest Economy in the World. 2014


International Monetary Fund estimates show that China surpassed the USA in terms of GDP based on purchasing power parity (PPP), becoming the largest in the world by this measure. FT reported citing IMF data that in 2014, China had 17.6 trillion USD (711 trillion Roubles. 108 trillion Renminbi. 1.08 quadrillion INR. 19.72 trillion CAD. 20.27 trillion AUD. 13.94 trillion Euros. 10.95 trillion UK Pounds) or 16.48 percent of the world’s PPP-adjusted GDP, while the USA had slightly less, 16.28 percent or $17.4 trillion USD (703 trillion Roubles. 107 trillion Renminbi. 1.07 quadrillion INR. 19.49 trillion CAD. 20.04 trillion AUD. 13.79 trillion Euros. 10.83 trillion UK Pounds). PPP is the best way to compare the size of economies and not using volatile exchange rates, which rarely reflect the true cost of goods and services. Thus, a trillion US dollars (40.4 trillion Roubles. 6.13 trillion Renminbi. 61.3 trillion INR. 1.12 trillion CAD. 1.15…

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2 thoughts on “China Surpasses USA as World’s Largest Economy Based On GDP/PPP

  1. Patrick says:

    Let them be #1 see how they like it when everyone hates them. They already have a radical muslim problem. Citys built that have no people. Huge pollution. Etc. Etc.


    • JImbo says:

      Exactly. Maybe we get to be the Brits for a change… the second-rate power that gets to make fun of everyone and then people can pine wistfully for the “old days” when America was involved in the world.


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