Wendy Davis Wheelchair Ad- Tasteless? Or Tastes Like Desperation

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October 10, 2014 by JImbo

First, check out the ad. Don’t listen to what OTHER people say about it. Watch it yourself. Make up YOUR mind on it.

Okay then, is it “tasteless” as Abbott’s camp says?

Or is it “tastefully done and accurate” as the Davis camp says?

Personally I think it just tastes like desperation.

Davis is down by double digits with just 25 days until Election Day.

Some analysts say she’s “at the top of her game” following her lengthy, shrill but futile stands against new laws passed in Texas.

State Senator Wendy Davis

Governor Rick Perry has led Texas through 14 years of prosperity compared to the rest of the country. Even during the 2008 Recession, Texas kept growing economically. Many have said that this is the Democratic Party’s last hurrah.

Governor Rick Perry

If they lose this, Texas will have Republicans in all three branches of state government and will continue the policies that Rick Perry has had in place since 2000. The next chance they would have would be 2018.

For Davis, that could be a death knell for her higher ambitions for Federal office (US Senate, State Dept, President) So, I can see why she’s desperate.

The stakes may be even larger. If Greg Abbott is elected, he will definitely show support for Governor Perry’s policies. After all, he was Perry’s right hand man for years as the Attorney General of Texas.

State Attorney General Greg Abbott

Having the pubic affirm his legacy by electing Abbott, Perry would then be in a strong position to again run for President in 2016. He isn’t LOVED by either wing of the GOP (Tea Party/Conservative or Establishment/Progressive) but he’s liked ENOUGH by both to have a serious shot at winning the GOP Convention.

Perry will be standing on 14 years of successful executive experience, popular poll numbers, good money making potential, and strong support in minority and especially the Hispanic communities.

To put it simply, he is the worst nightmare for Democrats. He stood up to Obama repeatedly during both terms of office. Meanwhile, if Hillary runs in 2016 she will have a hard time getting out from under Obama’s shadow. She WAS the Secretary of State for years. You can only separate yourself so far when you go to the same parties and know the same people….

I could be reading way too much into this. It could be nothing. Maybe Perry isn’t running. Maybe it means nothing.

And then again maybe Perry has been touring through the key Presidential Primary states for a reason. Maybe he didn’t go to Iowa to see the beautiful cornfields.



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